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As a board certified Cosmetologist, Cosmetic Chemist, Colourist & Trichologist(hair and scalp expert)from Malibu & Hollywood California, I plan to host a group for All ANSWERS to ALL things hair related. As one of the top hair stylists in the business this will be a unique opportunity for the members of SUGAR > HAIR questions of every type and category will be answered > if I don't know the answer I can find it out within 24 hours - but will be very surprized if that ever happens ! > retired due to rare bone disease, can no longer work standing up > Love the world of hair & my research shows that > Developed a 10 step STRONG HEALTHY HAIR regimen with 86% success rate > Answers to questions about hair: color,health,products,condition,tools > there is no question too big or too crazy > Will post photo's of new styles, color ideas, > All my secret trix of the trade will be revealed.. Sign up and ask away. . . .

Top 10 Habits That Will Destroy & Demolish Your Hair

Posted By Killer Chemist on Jun 18, 2007 at 2:48PM

#10> Smoking Cigarettes

#9 > Stressful Daily Living

#8 > Crash Dieting

#7 > Using Shampoo with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or ALS)

#6 > No Exercise

#5 > Using BOXED Hair Color Kits (buy color & developer separately)

#4 > Alcoholism

#3 > Anorexia / Bulimia

#2 > Smoking Weed

and the


The single worst thing you can do to your hair is apply extreme heat, that does more damage than any other single activity on the planet.
The Flat Iron has created a whole new addiction and problem within the world of hair, I've helped many girls get their hair back from the ravages of FIA.

5 Rules to Recovery from FIA

1) If you must Flat Iron, throw the cheap-o model away,immediately... you must purchase one of the IONIC/Tourmaline type such as: GHD, Sedu, Magic or just about any flat iron that costs a minimum of $100.00. The technology is completely different in these irons and is not half as damaging. Believe me the money you will save on repairing your hair will be well worth it. How much do you spend on face creams and make-up? Bust a little out for the hair, its your Crowning Glory.

2) You must never flat iron more than once per day. Ever again.

3) The truly best protocol? Flat Iron 3 days of the week ONLY, these Irons are so good now the straightening lasts a day or two. Learn to love the hair you are born with...(old Sassoon saying)

4) You must purchase a silicone thermal spray serum to protect and coat the hair with before ever putting the Flat Iron on it. The very best one on the planet is made by a company called AVLON INDUSTRIES, its called KeraCare:Silken Seal. Every product this company makes rocks. Especially for anyone using a flat iron to the extreme.
Here's the link to the Silken Seal:

5) At the same time, purchase their big tub of Humecto Creme Conditioner (they have a great price right now) use this to Overnight condition your hair, yes> wash- rinse- apply- and sleep with conditioner in overnight... rinse out in the AM - style and go !

One of the more common complaints lately are all the broken - fly-a-way hairs, dry-damaged,thinning and just very poor health of the hair and 75% of it is due to the amount of flat ironing going on out there.

Are you an FIA?

Tell us your story?

smokin' hot hair 99

Posted By Killer Chemist on Jun 15, 2007 at 7:22PM

pretty much says it all...

Welcome to LIFE IS A BLEACH Group - Hair Addicted Individuals Warmly Accepted

Posted By Killer Chemist on Jun 15, 2007 at 6:35PM

LIFE IS A BLEACH: A fellowship of hair addicted individuals who share their hair experiences, strengths and hope in order to solve their common problems with hair. We believe our hair addiction is an illness and that changed attitudes can aid in recovery ;-)
LIFE IS A BLEACH is not allied with any corporate ya hoo's,hair manufacturing big wigs or hair institutions nim rods; does not engage in any controversy,neither endorses nor opposes any cause. There are no dues (but no one said anything about cookies)
LIFE IS A BLEACH has but one purpose: to help the HAIR addicted individuals of the world ;-)
We do this by practicing the 10 Steps of 10,000HEADS HEALTHY HAIR PROTOCOL and by giving understanding and encouragement to the Hair Addict ;-)

A big welcome to all the Hair addicted individuals of the world.
For fun we will run this group a bit like Rehab. . .the difference will be the following:

> We will have 10 STEPS not 12

> Our 10 Steps are based on the Hair Protocol: 10,000HEADS: 10 Steps to the strongest-healthiest-thickest hair you will ever have, I have worked on for 6 years, which now boasts an 86% success rate in over 1000 clients from the Malibu area.

> we will try our hardest to abide by the 10 Steps, but we admit we are powerless over our hair addiction

> knowing our addiction to hair and all things hair, we will fail

> we will pick ourselves back up, coming back to LIFE IS A BLEACH to ask about our problems,worries & concerns about our hair also focusing on our successes

> no one will be made fun of or no one will be given a hard time,this is a group to help not hurt

> we will be anonymous, yet we will go by first names in this group,knowing your first name; helps a lot in my answers (at least lets me know if guy or girl)

> 10,000HEADS got its name when one day my assistants tried to figure out how many people they thought I had seen in 14 Years, 10,000 was about 1,000 short of what they calculated. Seeing as many men as women (this is California).

In order for my answers to be the most helpful to you, I will need to know the following - am not sure how this forum works yet- so we'll need to see the best way to do it, in my Salon work every single client I ever saw was required to fill out a 20 question > questionaire before I ever saw them. So much can be determined in a hurry this way I can be so much more helpful.
Remember I am a fully certified Cosmetic Chemist as well and have been designing hair conditioners for 4 years now. Knowing what 'ingredients' are I can be extremely helpful to everyone in a whole different way, you will see.

I am just learning all things about computers, so be patient with me on that end, I am learning, but am a fast learner - I am an artist first.

Not everyone needs to fill out the questions, I will answer your questions anyway as best I can...just know that if you don't, my answer will not be nearly as accurate or helpful

In your introduction with your first name, please answer the following:

SEX?;-): (i know its hard to resist the "yes" answer-but try)
HAIR TEXTURE?: (curly,wavy,straight,fuzzy,like nothing you've ever seen)
HAIR DENSITY?: (thick,thin, medium,super thick, super thin, Zero density, what density I'm bald)
VIRGIN COLOR?: (hair before you got your grubby hands on it ;-) or without any tint, dye or colour)
HAIR COLORED?: (OK fess up,how many times have you colored? be honest!)
LIFESTYLE?: (bean counter,surf bum, shopping expert,student,CEO ;-))
those may seem like weird questions but say a lot about a person and it all helps especially trying to give hair advice without being able to feel,touch or see your hair . . . I have done it before and its very tricky without knowing these things.

Last but not least to all you hair addicts out there...
If you truly want help with your hair and having super accurate advice,have a photo of you and your hair from 1 or 2 angles - everyone has at least a camera in their phone now, post with your question.
Can you do that on here?

Time to time I will have free give aways as well. . .I have lots of left over hair products - all top of the line...

With my illness I will have to be taking off about 10 days for surgery...i don't know when it is yet...but soon ( this month)
I'd like to get this going and on its way before...be aware of my upcoming disappearance, having this to do will be a great help to me as well as you

Sorry for the WAY too long introduction

Ask away and welcome

Killer Chemist